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Alien Invasion Bookends

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Attention sci fi fans! You always knew the truth was out there! Now, it'll be right on your bookshelf for all to see! The Alien Invasion Bookends will bring a UFO invasion to your home or office to make for the ultimate funny conversation piece.

Product Features

  • Perfect gift for anyone who believes in Aliens and UFO's
  • Brighten any living room, bedroom, dorm room or office
  • Keep all your books in order

Alien Invasion Bookends:

For years, you've been telling everyone that one day it would happen. After years of making random crop circles, slaughtering cattle and abducting people that don't really seem worth abducting at all, the aliens would finally make themselves known. And yes, we know you spend your days on (UFO Sightings Daily)

Finally! That day has arrived. You can throw back your head with laughter as you cackle, "I told you so!" at all of those who called you a fool or a conspiracy nut! And when they ask for proof of the aliens' arrival, you can wordlessly point to your bookshelf where the Alien Invasion Bookends will be waiting in all of their UFO glory!

The Alien Invasion Bookends bring an alien apocalypse into your living room, bedroom, dorm room or office and will allow you to keep all of those troublesome books that are cluttering up things upright and in their place. The bookends show the moment of an alien invasion and are sold in a set of two. On one side, two flying saucers are evaporating a town with their death rays. You can see the buildings in the distances and people running to escape the wrath of the alien invaders. The other bookend shows a single large UFO with a cow caught in its tractor beam.

A hilarious gift for sci fi fans of all ages, these alien attack bookends are crafted out of heavy duty steel. The metal has been given a black powder coated finish that makes the UFO scene look as if it's being viewed in silhouette. The flying saucers bookends measure 313.4 millimetres by 151 millimetres by 144.3 millimetres in size, and they weigh 512 grams. Each bookend has a flat black panel attached to it that provides plenty of support to keep books upright.

The Alien Invasion Bookends is a fun gift for sci fi fans for any occasion. You can give it as an office gift to a coworker or even to your boss. Pick one up as a university gift for a sci fi fan who's headed to college, or buy one as a housewarming gift for a UFO buff who is moving into a new home. The flying saucers bookends come in a stylish gift box that tells what they are in just a glance.

You may not be able to hear it from where you're sitting, but these UFO bookends are demanding to be taken to your leader! So order a set today and say hello to our new alien overlords!

Alien Invasion Bookends Features:
  • Perfect gift for UFO fanatics
  • Size: 313.4 mm (w) x 151.0 mm (h) x 144.3 mm (d)
  • Weight: 512.0 g

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