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Bad Assy Wine Glass

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With this funny wine glass, it's possible to control your intake of wine to receive classy, sassy or bad assy results.

Product Features

  • Funny wine glass
  • Perfect gift for wine lovers
  • Badass black stem

Red wine benefits the entire body, says actual real doctors and our Great Aunt Matilda who we swear has her wine glass surgically attached to her hand. Some of its benefits include:

1. Something about doing good things for your heart, like the actual organ, not your metaphorical ability to love.

2. Something about fighting free radicals. We don't know what those are exactly but they sound bad. Anything radical is bad unless it's the 1980s and you're calling a pair of acid washed jeans "rad."

3. Something about circulation that sounds legit.

4. Making you look suave and sexy as you mingle at the party. It's way classier than a red plastic cup, right?

5. Allowing you to relax and be yourself, for better or for worse.

6. Giving you the courage to tell that son of a bitch from the office that you're sick of him taking your sandwich every day when you down a whole bottle of merlot at the Christmas party.

Of course, red wine benefits vary depending on how much you drink. The good news is that it is now possible to know just how much you should sip to get those emotional results you desire with the Bad Assy Wine Glass.

The Bad Assy Wine Glass is a funny wine glass that makes a great gift for anyone who tends to get a little frisky when they enjoy the fruit of the vine. 

This wine funny gift glass has three white lines printed along the side. The lowest line reads "Classy," which is what you will be if you fill the glass only half full. If you would like to be a little "Sassy," fill the wine glass to the next line. And in the event that you would prefer to be downright "Bad Assy," fill the glass to the top line and get your ass ready for the badness. That came out wrong. But you know what we mean!

While the Bad Assy Wine Glass(y) counts as a novelty wine glass, this funny wine glass is still a high quality piece of glassware. It's made from premium glass and has a sleek look with a clear bowl and a contrast black stem. The shape of the bowl allows red wine to breathe but it can be used to serve white wine as well.

Large enough to hold 12 ounces of wine, the Bad Assy Wine Glass is a great choice of funny wine gifts to give for a birthday, Mother's Day, the winter holidays or a Secret Santa exchange. Buy one of these novelty wine glasses for yourself, too! Just make sure that you wash by hand to protect its stem from becoming damaged.

Bad Assy Wine Glass Features:
  • Quality wine glass 
  • Great for birthdays, bachelorettes, and wine parties
  • Easy to clean

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