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Bum Bank - Farting Money Box
Bum Bank - Farting Money Box

Bum Bank - Farting Money Box

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Looking for the perfect thing to do with all those coins you find lurking in cracks? Just stuff them right into this piggy bank bum! When you do, you'll be treated to a very rude sound that you can blame on your worst enemy or take credit for yourself!

Product Features

  • The choice is yours with the Bum Bank Farting Money Box!
  • Fun novelty piggy bank with no pigs, just a big butt

Coins. They're sort of a pain in the ass, aren't they? Sure, you can use them to buy stuff, but it takes a whole lot of them to purchase anything these days. Still, everywhere you shop and pay with bills, you end up with a handful.

So what do you do with them? You could put them in your pocket, but then you get an awkward bulge that makes people wonder about you. Plus, you jingle when you walk, and that's just plain annoying. You can just toss them haphazardly in your car or on your counter, but then you're letting money go to waste. You could throw them in a fountain, but we've yet to have a wish come true that way. You could throw them at people, but that might end up getting you in a little bit of trouble.

There's really only one viable solution for dealing with all of those annoying coins. Stuff them in your crack!

No, not that crack. You'd end up in the hospital that way!

We're talking about the crack on the Bum Bank Farting Money Box!

The Bum Bank Farting Money Box is a piggy bank that substitutes a bare naked bum for a plain old pig. This plastic potty humour money bank looks like a rear peering out of a pair of blue jeans.

As if the idea of stuffing coins into a bum weren't funny enough, this rude novelty gift takes the toilet humour one step further! When you drop a coin into the Bum Bank Farting Money Box, your efforts to save are rewarded with a hilarious fart sound. The more coins you drop in, the more the piggy bank will fart. Do it when someone walks by and then act shocked at their gross behaviour! It's especially good if you were one of those people that could never arm fart (you know that thing where you can make a farting noise with your armpits. like this: here - oh forget it!)

The Bum Bank Farting Money Box is a rude novelty gift that is perfect for anyone who loves a little gross potty humour as well as people who just happen to be bum lovers--you're bound to know one or two of those kinds of people, yeah? The toilet humour money bank is 13.9 centimetres by 15.2 centimetres by 6.5 centimetres in size.

Keep in mind that you have to load it with three AA batteries prior to use. You might want to pick up a pack so that your favourite bum lovers can begin enjoying the sweet melodies that this piggy bank makes right away!

So the next time someone asks what to do with coins, you know what to do! Hand them the Bum Bank Farting Money Box and say, "Shove them up your ass!"

Bum Bank - Farting Money Box Features:
  • Funny novelty gift for anyone with a dirty mind and potty humour
  • Makes a farting noise with every coin dropped
  • Requires AA Bateries

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