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Celebrity Coasters

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Turn yourself into a superstar with these glass coasters that put you on the cover of a magazine (and under someone's drink).

Product Features

  • Novelty glass coasters
  • Personalise your own coasters
  • Perfect addition to any home

What's the secret to becoming a celebrity? Well, being that we're not famous ourselves, we can't say for certain, but based on our scientific research (AKA surfing the Internet for 20 minutes before we got distracted by cat videos. Aww, cats...) we have come up with this list of ways to end up on the cover of a magazine.

1. Be really good at sports. If you're just sort of good at sports, you can make up for it by being a really big dick.

2. Say something inappropriate about a celebrity everyone loves on the Internet. Give no fucks about it.

3. Put some videos on YouTube of you doing stupid things. The more potentially embarrassing and/or the more likely you are to lose a limb or a digit, the better.

4. Run for political office and then do something shocking to become disqualified. Or get elected somehow despite the shocking something.

5. Be good at singing and then go on a show where there are other people good at singing judging you and telling you that you are bad at singing. Win the show or lose in a very dramatic way.

6. Marry someone famous. Cheat on them even though they are hotter than you or adopt a lot of children from an exotic place. Or do both. 

7. Invent something that seems stupid and then convince everyone it's awesome. Like Facebook. Or the Snuggie blanket.

8. Just take the lazy route and buy these Celebrity Coasters.

The Celebrity Coasters are the only 100 per cent surefire way to get your face plastered right on the front of one of those magazines that you steal from the doctor's office or read in the checkout counter without paying for them.

Made out of glass, the funny coasters have a transparent magazine design with a title inspired by real magazines and a lot of those dumb title blocks all over. You can slide a picture of your choosing into the back and Voila! You're on a magazine!

Sold in a set of four, the glass coasters are tempered to prevent breakage and really work, so you can place them under hot cups or cold glasses and bottles to protect the furniture with your face. 

Everyone would love to be famous, so why not give the Celebrity Coasters as a gift? The funny drinks coaster set comes in a box that you can wrap up as a gift for a birthday, the winter holidays or any other occasion. To make your funny coasters gift a little more special, you can open the box, insert photos of the person you're giving the gift to and then present them as personalised coasters (Just don't use them first. That's rude).

Seize your chance to finally see how your face would look among titles as compelling as "50 Shades of Unicorn" and "Summer Girl What Makes It New and Exciting!" Order this set of glass coasters for yourself or as a gift for any occasion.

Celebrity Coasters Features:
  • Novelty personalise coasters 
  • Size: w94.0 mm x h5.0 mm x d114.5 mm
  • Material/s: Glass (414gr) ; Plastic (1gr) 

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