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Crap Mug

Crap Mug

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When you wish you could scream out an expletive, you can let your quirky novelty mug do the talking for you! The Crap Mug is the perfect choice of funny gift ideas for someone with a foul mouth who is looking to change their ways!

Product Features

  • Handle makes a "C"
  • Hilarious rude novelty mug
  • Perfect for co-workers, friends and relatives with a sense of humour

How many times per day do you find yourself wishing that you could just take a deep breath and scream a foul word at the top of your lungs? While it might me momentarily refreshing to let loose a swear word or two when your boss is being a bastard, a customer is behaving like a dickhead or the printer has jammed for the 10,000th time in one day, we suggest you do both yourself and the human resources department a favour and resist.

Instead of screaming, swearing and risking finding yourself being fired, just reach out and take a sip out of the Crap Mug! This quirky novelty mug can do the talking for you and let everyone around you know what you think of a current situation.

The ways that the Crap Mug can be used during your day are truly endless.

Forget a deadline? Take a sip from the rude mug.

Slam your finger in the desk drawer? Shake it while you sip out of the Crap Mug.

Lose your stapler? Have a sip from the rude mug while you search!

Find out your wife is leaving you? Better just drink down the entire contents of the quirky novelty mug.

The Crap Mug makes sipping coffee extra satisfying and is a great choice of funny gift ideas for anyone who is prone to letting a few swear words fly when they're stressed. Not just great for the workplace, this rude mug is also perfect for expressing how you feel on a Monday morning before you leave for the office or what emotions are going on inside of you when the in-laws stop over for coffee unannounced.

The mug has an easy to grip handle, reducing the risk of spills that will leave you saying "Oh Crap!" To avoid breaking the "C" handle and ending up with a crappy mess, it's best to hand wash the mug.

Get ready to make someone's crappy day a little brighter! Order the Crap Mug as a gift for any occasion.

Crap Mug Features:
  • Made from ceramic materials
  • The Crap Mug holds 12 ounces of coffee
  • Easy to read thanks to its black and white design
  • Hand Wash!

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