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Donut Hole Mug
Donut Hole Mug
Donut Hole Mug

Donut Hole Mug

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Never misplace your doughnut again! These funny coffee mugs have on-board storage designed to keep a frosted or glazed confection safe and at the ready.

Product Features

  • Perfect for the home or office
  • High quality ceramic construction
  • Perfect for coffee addicts & donut lovers

Did you hear about that poor bastard who lost his poor meatball when somebody sneezed? Apparently it rolled off of the table and onto the door and then it rolled right out of the door. Long story short, the meatball ended up like nothing but mush, and the person in question required years of therapy to deal with the trauma.

And this was all over a meatball!

Imagine the despair that one would encounter if a doughnut was to be lost in such a tragic accident. That's why we recommend the Donut Hole Mug to protect yourself from such disasters.

A must-have safety device for donut lovers, these funny coffee mugs have a compartment on the bottom for holding a doughnut securely until you're ready to dunk it in your coffee. The mugs for men and women are universally designed to hold all donuts--even the ones with sprinkles on top or filling inside.

Made out of quality ceramic materials, the Donut Hole Mug is the perfect storage solution for donuts and holds up to 14 ounces of coffee, tea, cocoa or even wine if you like something harder with your morning pastries. We don't judge!

While the logo on the front of the Donut Hole Mug says "Donut Hole" and has images of donuts for the "Os," these funny coffee mugs aren't just suitable for doughnuts. If it's round and sweet and doughnut sized, it will fit inside. They're mugs for men and women who like cookies, biscuits and even boring old rice cakes, though we're not sure why you'd want to protect one of those.

If you're adventurous enough why not have a go at baking your own donuts? Here is our favourite recipe: Glazed Donuts. Although we have to admit for the effort we would rather just buy them, or make some nice simple biscuits like these.

A sturdy handle on the side of the Donut Hole Mug ensures that you can sip from this donut lovers coffee mug with the utmost of ease. After the beverage has been consumed and the donut has been digested, you can wash the mug with ease.

Anyone who has a mouth can benefit from the Donut Hole Mug! Simpsons fans can channel their inner Homer as they savour a sweet and a sip of coffee at their desks at work. Absent-minded coworkers will appreciate never misplacing their breakfasts again, and your Dad will be able to tote his coffee and his tasty snack with him wherever he goes when he has one of these funny coffee mugs in his cupboard. The mug comes in a gift box for wrapping as a Secret Santa gift, Christmas gift, Father's Day gift, birthday gift or present for any other occasion.

Do your part to prevent donut-related tragedies and delight donut lovers of all ages with a truly ingenious pastry storage system that they'll love showing off at work and at the office! Order the Donut Hole Mug today.

Donut Hole Mug Features:
  • Holds 14 oz., and a delicious donut
  • Perfect for cookies, hot chocolate, and more
  • Great gift for the home or office
  • Hand clean

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