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Douchebag Alert Slammer
Douchebag Alert Slammer

Douchebag Alert Slammer

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Warning! Warning! Warning! A douche bag is in close proximity. Raise your shields of sarcasm and ready your meanest glare. Oh, and be sure to alert others in your area to said douchebag's presence by slapping the Douchebag Alert Slammer.

Product Features

  • Fun gift to alert friends & colleagues of douchebags
  • Great secret santa present

Douchebags. Every workplace has one or two or ten walking around.

It could be that guy in accounting who has stupid nicknames for everyone. It could be that dick from marketing who is always bragging about his piece of shit car. It could be that bastard in the next cube who is always trying to steal your accounts or that asshole who takes your parking space and then just laughs when you complain.

Whoever your resident douchebag is, you know you can't avoid him entirely, but you'd really prefer to be prepared when he's about. This way, you can grit your teeth and ready yourself for the onslaught of douchery that is sure to follow his arrival. If only there were a way that you and your coworkers could warn one another when douchebag contact is imminent....

Well, now you can with the Douchebag Alert Slammer.

The Douchebag Alert Slammer is marketed as a rude gag gift, but we think it's actually more of a life-saving device than an office gift. After all, hearing its warning can give you enough time to run and hide, so that you're tempted to stab yourself or the office douchebag with scissors.

Designed to allow anyone to respond to threats of douchery as expediently as possible, the Douchebag Alert Slammer is very easy to locate, thanks to its large red button on top. The button is clearly labeled with its purpose, so that no other large red buttons are accidentally pushed when there is a threat of douchebag. Upon pressing the button on this rude gag gift, you and your coworkers will hear one of 15 different alerts complete with sound effects. Batteries are included, so that you can begin enjoying the full protection of this office gift right away.

Know someone that is perpetually complaining about a douchebag at the office? Well, the Douchebag Alert Slammer is the perfect funny gift for him. It's also a hilarious rude gag gift to present to any coworker, and you might even want to pick up one to give as an office gift to the resident douchebag! Maybe he'll get the message that he's a giant douche when everyone starts pushing the button when he speaks to them!

It's worth a shot, right? So order the Douchebag Alert Slammer today.

Douchebag Alert Slammer Features:
  • Fun slammer button
  • 15 Hilarious sound bites

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