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Doughnuts Toothbrush Holder
Doughnuts Toothbrush Holder
Doughnuts Toothbrush Holder

Doughnuts Toothbrush Holder

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Concerned about tooth decay? Good news! Five out of six dentists agree that the Donut Toothbrush Holder is a donut that will not cause your teeth to rot. And the sixth? Well, he was too busy checking out this fun toothbrush holder to give his opinion.

Product Features

  • The novelty bathroom gift is sure to be the perfect gift for The Simpsons fan or anyone who just really likes donuts
  • Fun novelty toothbrush holder
  • If you love donuts you'll love this
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Mmmmmm, doughnuts. They are truly the perfect food. A doughnut is perfectly symmetrical. It has a hole in the middle so you can put it on your finger and eat a little from every side. It's a convenient food to grab for breakfast, and the sight of one makes everyone happy. There are even many flavours to choose from, so no one feels slighted.

Think you can't possible improve on the tasty splendour and impressive feat of pastry engineering that is the doughnut? Think again! Now, a doughnut can help you have healthier teeth as well. That is, of course, if the doughnut in question is the Doughnut Toothbrush Holder!

While it's not recommended that you actually try to taste the Doughnut Toothbrush Holder, this novelty bathroom gift makes brushing your teeth delicious fun. Made from premium ceramic materials, the fun toothbrush holder has slots for four toothbrushes surrounded by a layer of faux pink icing finished with sprinkles. The luscious-looking vanilla cake doughnut has a bite missing on the side, as apparently someone skipped over the part of this paragraph where we said not to bite it!

Anyway, at 4 inches in diameter, the Doughnut Toothbrush Holder fits easily onto any sink and is a novelty bathroom gift that appeals to a broad range of people. We all know how much Homer loves his doughnuts, so the fun toothbrush holder is sure to be a winning gift for The Simpsons fans. If Dad, your boss or your brother-in-law has doughnuts to thanks for their portly girth, this is the perfect gift idea for him. Kids will also get a kick out of the bathroom accessory that makes tooth brushing fun, making this a great choice of silly stocking fillers for little ones.

Wondering if someone in particular would like this fun toothbrush holder? Here are two questions to ask yourself to determine if this is the perfect gifts idea for him or her.

1. Does said person like doughnuts?

Of course. Only soulless monsters hate doughnuts. And the person must have a soul or they wouldn't deserve a gift!

2. Does said person have teeth?

More than likely, right? If they eat doughnuts, they must have at least one!

Clearly, the Doughnut Toothbrush Holder is going to satisfy everyone who has teeth and an appetite for donuts! So don't waste another second debating! Order this fun toothbrush holder today before someone tries to take another bite out of it!

Doughnuts Toothbrush Holder Features:
  • Holds 4 toothbrushes
  • Toothbrushes not included
  • Made of ceramic

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