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When you're half asleep at the breakfast table, you need a way to get your eyes open, and the Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder is the perfect solution! This astronaut eggcup makes eating an ordinary hard-boiled egg into an experience that's out of this world!

Product Features

  • Fun novelty egg cup
  • Great gift to get children eating their morning boiled eggs

It's one small step for an egg, one giant leap for egg kind!

The preparation for this mission has been arduous. First, the egg-stronaut had to be laid by an actual chicken. Out of thousands, no millions, of other hopeful egg-stronauts, he was one of a select dozen to be seen fit for duty. He was packaged into the carton and sent to the store, where he was retrieved and transported to mission control. There, he went through training that consisted of being exposed to frigid cold temperatures in the refrigerator and scalding hot ones in the cooking pot on the stove.

At long last, the egg-stronaut is ready for his mission, so it's time to suit him up in the Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder and send him blasting off to become the first hard-boiled egg to walk on the surface of your breakfast table!

As you can see, the Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder is a novelty kitchen gift that turns eating a hard-boiled egg into an epic, intergalactic experience! Designed to look like an astronaut's suit, this eggcup is sure to have sci-fi fans chuckling and eager to whip up some eggs for breakfast.

A fun gift for a housewarming, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday or the winter holidays, the Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder is perfectly sized for holding a hardboiled egg at 55 millimetres in diameter. It is 60 millimetres tall and constructed out of the finest quality materials to make it durable enough to withstand accidental bumps with the spoon while the egg inside is eaten. After use, the novelty kitchen gift can be quickly cleaned and stored away until it's time to stage another space walk!

The Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder comes in a 75- millimetre by 120- millimetre by 74-millimetre box that is decorated in a retro way that will remind sci-fi fans of old school movie posters and book covers. Easy to wrap to give for any occasion, this novelty kitchen gift makes a fun stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift or present for any other occasion.

Let your favourite sci-fi fans blast off and enjoy breakfast in a way they never have before! Order the Eggbot Quirky Eggcup Holder today!

Eggbot Features:
  • Novelty Egg Cup Holder
  • Perfect gift for ski-fi fans

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