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Fart Extinguisher

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Clear the area! The air quality here has become unfit for human breathing. But never fear! The threat can be neutralised in no time with the Fart Extinguisher!

Product Features

  • Joke gag gift idea for the frequent farter
  • Fun gift for the friend who loathes flatulence.
  • Perfect funny fathers day gift

Who's The Farter in your life?

Yes, yes, everyone lets out a little toot every now and then. It's natural! But that's not what we're talking about.

We're inquiring about The Farter, the person you know who is perpetually polluting the air with their overactive colon wind. That friend who always has a guilty smile when you sniff the air. The one who eats the exact same thing that you do for dinner but then forces you to smell its after effects all night long. The person who you love to dine with but run away from as soon as dessert is over.

Yes. That's The Farter. And do we have the perfect gift for him!

Meet the Fart Extinguisher. It's a silly gift, yes, but it will be life changing for The Farter. With this funny novelty gift, he'll be able to freshen the air when those embarrassing moments arise. If he's fast enough, no one will even know that he has broken wind at all! In fact, they'll be impressed with his pleasing aroma and wonder what kind of cologne he wears!

A great joke gag gift idea for men, the Fart Extinguisher is an air freshener spray that is packaged to resemble a fire extinguisher. The silly gift really does work to freshen the air, as it features a pleasing Garden Melody scent that is clean and fresh. The funny novelty gift has a hand pump with a powerful nozzle that delivers a steady, yet fine mist of air freshener. A lock and unlock switch is included in the design to keep the air freshener from spraying until it's needed to fight the smell of a fart!

The Fart Extinguisher is a joke gag gift idea that is perfect for Father's Day, birthdays, Secret Santa exchanges, office gifts and university gifts. Not just for rampant farters, the silly gift can be kept at the office, in the bathroom and in the car to fight those stinky odours whenever they occur. Of course, the funny novelty gift works on other unpleasant stenches, too, such as leftover cooking smells and the putrid perfume of kitty litter.

You may even want to pick up a bottle for yourself--after all, everybody farts! Add the Fart Extinguisher to your cart now.

Fart Extinguisher Features:
  • Designed to look like a fire extinguisher
  • Great gift for dads who can't help farting
  • Lock/unlock switch.

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