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Genius Paperclip Holder

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Keeping an office tidy can be a struggle for even the most gifted of genius, but finally there's an ingenious way to manage clutter.

Product Features

  • The Genius Paperclip Holder keeps paperclips within easy reach on any desktop and allows lecturers, office workers, professionals and university students to neaten their desktops with the power of science!
  • When it's time to take a break from work or study, the Genius Paperclip Holder provides the perfect distraction and will help that favourite brainiac that you know get their creative juices flowing as they work to give Einstein flattering hairstyles with paperclips of all sizes.
  • Einstein shaped desk tidy magnet
  • Great way of keeping paperclips in order!
  • Fun novelty office tidy for science lovers

Einstein managed to prove the Theory of Relativity but even he never managed to find a simple way to handle all types of office clutter. For centuries, one object has stood in the way of keeping an office tidy. That troublesome office supply is the common paperclip, an impossible piece of metal that keeps papers organised but paradoxically creates a mess until it's ready to be used. After years of hypotheses and careful testing, science has finally had a breakthrough and developed the ultimate solution for paperclip clutter--the Genius Paperclip Holder.

The Genius Paperclip Holder is truly a marvel of sculptural engineering. The highly detailed plastic bust of Einstein will look incredibly handsome on a desk in an office, at an university or at home. A powerful magnet inside of the head attracts paperclips to the smooth, bald head and allows them to stay in place with ease. As a paperclip collection grows, Einstein's hairstyle will become more and more stylish. Paperclips remain against the magnetised head without becoming caught or tangled, making them easy to retrieve, and the paperclip holder can provide a much-needed break from a busy day of theorising. Everyone loves styling and restyling Einstein's paperclip mane!

The Genius Paperclip Holder is the perfect gift for anyone who works from a desk throughout the day. As a Secret Santa gift, it will have everyone in your office thinking you're a true genius when it comes to gift-giving. University lecturers and teachers can pay homage to the great scientific genius and keep their desks clutter free with this whimsical paperclip holder. And what student wouldn't love having Einstein nearby when they're working on their physics homework?

At 69 millimeters in width by 96 millimeters in height, the Genius Paperclip Holder is large enough to hold a sizable paperclip collection, but it doesn't take up much space. Its compact size makes it an ingenious way to manage paperclip clutter on even the most crowded of lecturers, office workers or students' desks. This clever gift comes in a fashionable gift box with silhouette and frontal photos of the paperclip holder to show the recipient of your gift exactly what's inside.

Even if you couldn't begin to explain why E equals MC squared, you're sure to recognise that the Genius Paperclip Holder is pure genius! Order this gift and help your favourite brilliant mind keep his or her office tidy with the power of science!

Genius Paperclip Holder Features:
  • Magnetic office desk tidy shaped as Einsteins head
  • Paperclips create Einsteins distinct hair
  • Great gift for work colleges or science lovers

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