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Holy Crap Mug

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"Holy crap! Look at that mug! It's amazing! How does it hold coffee with a hole in the middle?" It beats the crap out of us, but we agree that the Holy Crap Mug is one novelty joke mug that will truly mystify coffee lovers!

Product Features

  • Hilarious novelty mug sure to turn heads
  • Looks like a turd - what's not to love?

Work. It's a boring thing that you have to suffer through for 8 hours or more at least 5 days every week. It doesn't matter what your work actually involves if you're doing it, it means you're not doing something that you wish you could be doing. Like having fun.

The one bright spot in the work day is the time when you get to take a coffee break, so we here at Now Laugh think you should make the most of it and squeeze every bit of fun that you can out of the experience. And we can't think of a better way to do that than with a novelty joke mug that looks like poo, can you?

The Holy Crap Mug is the perfect way to liven up a coffee break for a number of reasons.

Reason Number One: It's a novelty joke mug that looks like poo. We mentioned that already, but it bears repeating. It looks like a great big pile of poo! It's brown, and it even has a little rounded poo end at the top like the tip of where a turd is pinched off. You can't beat realism like that.

Reason Number Two: The Holy Crap Mug has a hole in the middle but it still holds 12 ounces of coffee. It will mystify coffee lovers of all ages! Where does the coffee go inside? We've drank out of it and we're still not completely sure. We like to think it's a little crappy magic.

Reason Number Three: The Holy Crap Mug says holy crap on it and there is a hole in the middle. Anything with a poo-related pun is tops in our book.

Reason Number Four: You can hang onto the Holy Crap Mug easily. The handle on this novelty joke mug is perfectly sized to fit your hand. This isn't some wimpy coffee mug with a dainty handle. In fact, everything about this mug is well made. It looks like a piece of crap but it isn't one at all!

Whether you buy the Holy Crap Mug for your own coffee break or give as funny office gift ideas, we are 100 per cent certain that it will leave you saying "Holy crap, am I glad I bought this!" So order one now and experience the crappy awesomeness of this gift for coffee lovers, toilet humour lovers and anyone who just wants to make the crappy experience at work a little more fun.

Holy Crap Mug Features:
  • Fun ceramic mug
  • Perfect gift for co-workers
  • Hole through the middle

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