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Articles by tag: health & lifestyle

What Happens When Men Get To Design The Ideal woman?

We all have different types. Some men like smart girls, others prefer tall ..

Why Car Boot Sales Are A Waste Of Time!

It always starts innocently. Some friend or family member asks, "What are ..

Why You Should Never Play Monopoly

Monopoly has been around since 1935! That's right, the game is turning 80 ..

What Is Actually In A Girls Hand Bag? 

Women are a mystery. There is absolutely no doubt about that. A man can ..

Brutally Sarcastic Hotel Complaint Letter

We all love a good holiday, and the key to a great holiday usually starts ..

Not Just "Boaty McBoatface" - Top 5 Hijacked Online Competitions

So unless you have been living under a rock or your Infinity Broadband has ..

Girl Tries Selfie With Marching Band & IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

This poor girl tries to take selfie with a marching band and IMMEDIATELY ..

News Flash: Gay Guys Have Types Too

It's really great that society is becoming more and more open to members of..

Do You Talk About Your Bratty Kids Too Much?

Children are one of life's special joys. In moderation. No one wants to be ..

Mystifying, Perplexing Things About the Friend With Bad Breath

Everybody gets bad breath from time to time. Maybe it happens when you get ..

Never Mix Pancakes With Sex

The following is an actual true story that genuinely happened in this world..