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Your Vs You're Guy

You wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea for how to ..

Warning! Only Dickheads Have Personalised Car Number Plates

Personalised car number plates. Plenty of fun, right? After all, you can ..

McDonalds Breakfast: The Pain Of Arriving 1 Minute Late

You wake up in the morning to a grumbly tummy. It's Saturday, so despite ..

The Coolest Science Teacher In The UK

Meet Miss Morton, the coolest science teacher in the UK. Miss Morton is a ..

Why School Trips Aboard Are Amazing 

School trips abroad--they're becoming an important rite of passage for ..

6 Reasons Dentists Are Evil

Yes, there are many jobs that you'd have to be a sadistic bastard to want ..

8 Ways To Ensure No One Sits Next To You On Public Transport

Public Transport is a great way to get around, with more and more public ..

Why We Hate People That Mumble

Yes, hate is a strong word, and it's a shame to have to use it because ..

Why A House Rabbit Is Not A Real Pet

Thinking of adding a pet to the family, eh? Good for you! Animals make ..

Why Meeting Characters Is A Terrifying Experience

When you're a child, meeting characters is so exciting! Suddenly, the ..

Dog Did Actually Eat My Homework

Below is a letter sent from Billy, who in our opinion is one very smart ..

Never Mix Pancakes With Sex

The following is an actual true story that genuinely happened in this world..