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Articles by tag: travel

How Do You Respond When A Baby Smiles At You?

Babies. Those little humans are cute, right? That cuteness of babies is ..

McDonalds Breakfast: The Pain Of Arriving 1 Minute Late

You wake up in the morning to a grumbly tummy. It's Saturday, so despite ..

Why Postcards Are Awful 

It doesn't matter where you're taking a holiday. It could be in the ..

Why Car Boot Sales Are A Waste Of Time!

It always starts innocently. Some friend or family member asks, "What are ..

Why You Should Never Holiday With The In-Laws

It's time to start planning your holiday. To help ensure that your trip is ..

Why Guys Hate Shopping With Their Girlfriends

That big wedding is coming up and you need a dress! Or maybe your summer ..

8 Ways To Ensure No One Sits Next To You On Public Transport

Public Transport is a great way to get around, with more and more public ..

6 Reasons We Hate Staying Over!

Confused about why you keep getting declined on your invitations to have ..

Why You Should Never Piss Off The Queens Guard

The Queens Guards, fake soldiers dressed up purely for tourist amusement ..

Girl Tries Selfie With Marching Band & IMMEDIATELY Regrets It

This poor girl tries to take selfie with a marching band and IMMEDIATELY ..

No Thrills Airline Complaint letter

Below is a beautifully worded complaint letter from a customer that's flown..

Brutally Sarcastic Hotel Complaint Letter

We all love a good holiday, and the key to a great holiday usually starts ..

Warning! Only Dickheads Have Personalised Car Number Plates

Personalised car number plates. Plenty of fun, right? After all, you can ..

Why School Trips Aboard Are Amazing 

School trips abroad--they're becoming an important rite of passage for ..