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Top 6 Gadgets For Men

Men love gadgets. That's not a top secret exclusive we are sharing, it's just a fact. 

Whether it's a tiny little toy or a gigantic mega cool super blaster speaker system, men are just drawn to unusual gadgets and awesome cool toys. Luckily for us, we have a whole selection of Gadgets For Men, which means mans need for collecting the newest gadget & gizmo is our way of making enough money to justify writing this article. 

It's not just men though, we don't mean to stereotype - even though for SEO & Google purposes that's exactly what we are doing - everybody loves an awesome little invention don't they. 

We have put together this selection of our top 6 Gadgets For Men (and women):

1) Robo Hub 2000

Gadgets For Men

The Robo Hub 2000 is at the top of our Gadgets For Men, this is a little robot you wont have to worry about running away from when the machines take over the world (we've been reading a little too much Lad Bible). Dare we say it, he is even a bit a cutie. 

The little red robot has 4 USB ports, meaning you no longer have to choose between your iPhone or tablet, your camera or speakers.

View the Robo Hub HERE!

2) Hot Cookie USB Drinks Warmer

Fun mens gadgets

Men love coffee - well I love coffee and I'm a man, so I guess all men love coffee! BUT I hate it when I'm typing away, making pointless articles which no one will read and all of a sudden I realise SH*T my coffee is stone cold. 

Well this little invention is the reason why my coffee never goes cold! This is the cool gadget for men which saved my life - that's a bit over dramatic but it certainly improved my office mood. PLUS this awesome USB drinks warmer is shaped like a cookie! Who doesn't love cookies? 

View the Hot Cookie USB Drinks Warmer HERE!

3) Bluetooth Splash SpeakersFun Gadgets

Singing in the shower is kind of like picking your nose, we all do it when we think no ones around but for some reason we all get embarrassed if other people find out. Well I totally never pick my nose - that's gross - but I do love a good sing song in the bathroom. The problem is worrying about getting the speakers wet and breaking them. 

This issue is no longer a problem. With this awesome splash proof speaker gadget, you'll never have to worry again. Sing Sing Sing all you like.

View the Bluetooth Splash Speakers HERE!

4) Batman Gadget Pen

Batman Gadget Pen

Forget the reviews of Batman vs Superman (Rotten Tomatoes 27% Ouch), Batman is pretty cool. There is no denying every man wants to own a batman gadget. He is literally the coolest superhero around and Batman has the best gadgets and technology than all of the Marvel Universe put together (queue the fight in the comments section). Whether your a DC lover or a Marvel expert, any man would love to have a hold of the Batman Gadget Pen and thats why we have included it in this Top 6 Gadgets For Men article. 

View the Batman Gadget Pen Here!

5) Batman Multi Tool

Batman Gadgets

OK, Batman is sooo awesome and cool, we couldn't just include one batman gadget, we had to include two. The Batman Multi Tool includes a bottle opener, crosshead screwdriver & flathead screwdriver all in one! 

Let's face it we all know you're only ever going to use it for the bottle opener but the fact that its has two types of screwdrivers attached is like the ultimate gadget for men!

View Batman Multi Tool Here!

6) Protractor Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter Gadget

No Top 6 Gadgets For Men list can be complete without including pizza. The Protractor Pizza Cutter is without a doubt the fairest way to share a you favourite pizza with friends and family. 

View Protractor Pizza Cutter Here!

So that's our Top 6 Gadgets For Men list for now done. Let us know what your favourite gift idea is in the comments section below. 

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