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Mc Gloven Oven Glove
Mc Gloven Oven Glove
Mc Gloven Oven Glove

Mc Gloven Oven Glove

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A person's gotta eat, and that means you gotta cook, at least every once in awhile. But being alone in the kitchen making dinner is just no fun at all! That's why we recommend that you slip on the Mc Gloven Oven Glove!

Product Features

  • You can talk to him while you whip up recipes. Just...make sure he doesn't answer you back.
  • Fun novelty oven glove for anyone with a sense of humour

Okay, now let's try an exercise! Tell the hand puppet what you're feeling. Go ahead. Look how friendly he is with that great big smile.

Tell him what you're experiencing.

You're in pain?

Well, the hand puppet is sorry to hear that. What hurts? Is it the pain from an unhappy childhood? The bitter sting of being unlucky in love? The dull ache of feeling as if you're a tiny insignificant speck in a big vast universe? Go ahead. Tell the hand puppet what hurts...

Your hand? It's burning because you're holding onto a hot pot?

Oh. Well, we have a different hand puppet to help you with that! Meet Mc Gloven Oven Glove!

Mc Gloven is a friendly chap who loves to help people bake and cook in the kitchen. He's a fun novelty glove with a happy smile, two button eyes and a little pocket that's either stuck to his odd red and white striped skin or to his shirt. You can decide--after all, soon enough, this modern kitchen gift will be all yours!

A great gift for anyone with hands and a sense of humour, the Mc Gloven Oven Glove is made out of heavy cotton and polyester fabric that is fully heat resistant. Once you've slipped this hand puppet oven glove on, you'll be able to safely handle any handle, baking pan or other hot object that you come across in the kitchen. Just don't ask where exactly you're putting your hand inside of McGloven's body. We don't know, and we don't want to!

The Mc Gloven Oven Glove is perfect for men and women alike and measures 202 millimetres by 281 millimetres by 27.7 millimetres in size to provide a comfortable fit for everyone. A red hanger loop is attached to the bottom of the modern kitchen gift, so it can be hung from a hook in the kitchen when it's not in use. You can purchase this hand puppet oven glove for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a housewarming, Christmas, birthdays and any other occasion! There's never a wrong time to make friends with a hand puppet!

So help your friends avoid that pain in the hand that comes from handling cookware straight out of the oven! Order the Mc Gloven Oven Glove as a modern kitchen gift today!

Mc Gloven Oven Glove Features:
  • Hilarious novelty oven glove
  • Perfect housewarming gift

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