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Official Left Hand Mug
Official Left Hand Mug

Official Left Hand Mug

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Tired of hearing that leftie in your life complain about always being slighted by the righties of the world? Maybe the Official Left Hand Mug will set things right!

Product Features

  • At least this novelty mug will give them something else to do with their mouths for a little while--like drink some delicious coffee.
  • Fun novelty left handers mug with prank hole on the right hand side

Did you know that only 10 per cent of adults in the world are left-handed?

It's true! And these poor bastards have it rough.

All throughout history, left handed people have gotten a bad rap.

People in the Middle Ages painted the devil as left-handed. A couple of centuries later, being left-handed could get you burned for being a witch. It's no wonder studies show that lefties are more prone to be embarrassed and more likely to be psychotic.

They're terribly oppressed!

That's why we're doing our part to help with the plight of the left-handed with this Official Left Hand Mug.

The perfect joke office gift for your coworker, Secret Santa gift for a friend or family member or novelty mug to use yourself, the Official Left Hand Mug finally corrects one injustice that lefties have suffered for far too long--the inability to properly drink. Not only does this novelty coffee mug have the handle in the proper position for a leftie, but it also has a hole at the back to ensure that no righties can use it! If someone attempts to hold the mug with their right hand, coffee or tea will fall right through the hole and get on them.

If the risk of a rightie being burned or stained seems harsh, don't worry! The Official Left Hand Mug has a clear warning against right handed use printed right on its surface. Besides, righties get everything in this world! Not being able to use one little novelty mug won't hurt them.

Leftie power!

For left-handed people, the Official Left Hand Mug is a practical mug that holds up to 12 ounces of coffee. This joke office gift is made from premium white ceramic material and has a contoured handle that is very comfortable to grip for lefties! The mug has a second graphic on its front in red, white and blue with a left hand (of course!) Whether you're giving it as a Secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer, you can be certain that this novelty mug will be a hit with any leftie.

Order the Official Left Hand Mug and do your part to support the leftie minority.

Official Left Hand Mug Features:

  • Funny mug with spill hole to stop right handers drinking through your mug!
  • Fun secret santa gift for co-workers
  • Made of ceramic

Warning! Please use product with care due to risk of spilling hot liquid. Never drink through mug until drink is at a safe temperature.

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