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Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser

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Everyone knows a person who mistakenly calls that ultra sticky silver tape duck tape instead of the proper term duct. Don't know what we're talking about? Then, congratulations! You're that person for the people that you know and love.

Product Features

  • But there is hope for those plagued by the misnomer. With the Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser, you can say pass the duck tape and be 100 per cent accurate in your request!
  • This quirky office gift is perfect for duck lovers and tape lovers alike and will quack up the recipient, guaranteed!
  • Wooden tape dispenser shaped like a duck.
  • Modern and simplistic

Let's face it. Ordinary tape dispensers aren't all they've quacked up to be. Most dispensers make it hard to grip the tape or have poorly designed blades that make it virtually impossible to get a clean tear. Ordinary tape dispensers are bulky and downright boring, and they don't add anything to the look of a desktop. Fortunately, there is alternative office stationary available that is just ducky and sure to delight as a Secret Santa gift or quirk office gift for any occasion--the Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser!

Just one glance at the Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser is enough to quack anyone up! Instead of a plain old nondescript tape holder, this novelty tape dispenser is shaped just like the rubber ducks that you can fondly remember splashing with in the tub when you were a tyke. The humerus office product is constructed out of premium hardwood to dress up the design and make it the perfect professional desk accessory for the executive corner office or the coveted cubicle near the window. The alternative office stationary gift is perfect for duck lovers, sportsmen, students, kids and anyone who's prone to "fowl" days at work and in need of a pick-me-up.

Anyone who receives the Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser as a Secret Santa present, quirky office gift or present for another occasion is sure to feel like one lucky duck. Not only is this novelty tape dispenser a humerus office product that livens up office decor, but it's also incredibly functional. The cutout is perfectly sized to coordinate with desk tape rolls of any thickness, and the dispenser is compatible with clear, white, double-sided and paper-backed tape products alike. At the duck's tail a heavy-duty cutting blade is perfectly positioned to provide a clean cut on the first try, every time. The design is truly worthy of in-duck-shun into the alternative office stationary product hall of fame!

Our careful testing and research in-duck-ates that the Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser is downright quacktastic and sure to make the perfect present for that hard-to-shop-for duckling on your list. At its affordable price, you can even order a spare one for yourself, so you won't be tempted to ab-duck-t the one that you buy for your coworker, friend or family member. Order this novelty tape dispenser now and we'll get one of these quacky, wacky gifts swimming or flying to your door.

Quack Wooden Duck Tape Dispenser Features:
  • Wooden tape dispenser shaped like a duck.
  • Modern and simplistic
  • Great office gift

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