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Sad Ben Affleck Reacts to Batman V Superman Ratings

With the release of the highly anticipated film Batman V Superman,: Dawn of Justice, there has been a mixed response from it's audience. The predominantly negative reviews from critics and fans alike attack several components of the film ranging from Snyder's poor direction, the lack of depth and Affleck's out of character Batman.

In this interview with Tom Butler from Yahoo Movies, the reviews are put to the two leading actors for what seems to be the first time. One of them seems to take it a lot harder than the other...

Grab the popcorn, hit play on the video below and prepare yourselves to witness a grown man stare deeply into his soul.

The reviews have since dropped to a shocking 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. Don't let it get to you Benny, Gone Girl was pretty good....

Ok we'll leave you to grieve.

sad ben affleck.jpg

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