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Super USB Hub Camera
Super USB Hub Camera
Super USB Hub Camera

Super USB Hub Camera

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This cool USB hub makes it the picture perfect way to charge mobile devices at home or at the office.

Product Features

  • USB connectivity with 4 additional 2.0 USB points
  • Retro camera design
  • Perfect office gift

Quick--how many items do you own that recharge via USB.

It seems like everything with a battery now comes in a rechargeable USB form. You need a USB to charge your smartphone. Your tablet. Your e-reader. Your digital camera. 

You can buy fans and lights that are powered by USB for your desktop and rechargeable wireless lights that you mount on the wall. Electronic cigarettes need USB power to keep their batteries replenished, and so many kids toys today use USB-rechargeable batteries. And don't forget vibrators! We've uh...heard...that those things are now rechargeable, too.

Look, we get it. Disposable batteries are expensive. They do something bad when you throw them out, too. Like kill whales or poison the water or blow up and signal to alien races that we're down here on Earth waiting to be conquered. 

They're just bad. Nobody wants to use them any more. It's understandable, but here's the manufacturers being the stupid d*cks that they are only give you one or two USB ports on your computer to charge the 10 gajillion things that you need to recharge. 

That means you're left with having to decide what you can go without. Your smartphone? Your tablet? Your camera? (You know damn well, the vibrator is getting charged first so it's off the table). 

Why should things have to be so damn complicated?

Well, good news--(you knew we were going to get to a gift idea eventually) we've found the perfect solution to this horrible problem! The USB Hub Camera is the answer.

The USB Hub Camera is a cool USB accessory that will allow you to charge more mobile devices at once and allow you to power more USB gadgets. It connects to one of the USB ports on your computer and has four ports in its design, giving you the chance to plug in two things. If the computer manufacturer/78 gods have smiled on you and given you two ports, you can use two of these cool USB office accessories and plug in eight items.

While the USB Hub Camera is very practical, it's also a stylish choice of office accessories. It's patterned after the look of a retro camera, so it will add a touch of style to your desk. Its design makes the USB hub a great gift for photographers of the professional and amateur varieties, but anyone who uses USB gadgets and devices, AKA everyone, can benefit from it.

Measuring 55 millimetres in width by 110 millimetres in height by 10 millimetres in thickness, the USB Hub Camera is incredibly compact, so it's one of those office accessories that doesn’t take up too much room on a desk. In fact, the cool USB hub is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag.

Give the gift of easier recharging and make it so your friend, coworker or office never has to choose between recharging their vibrator or their smartphone again. Order the USB Hub Camera now.

Super USB Hub Camera Features:
  • Dimensions: H: 18 x W: 10.5 x D: 2.5cm
  • Perfect Secret Santa or Office Gift
  • 4 x 2.0 USB Port Hub

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