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The Coolest Science Teacher In The UK

Meet Miss Morton, the coolest science teacher in the UK.

Miss Morton is a secondary teacher in the North East that hasn't held back when it comes to engaging her students. She chose to step up the game in class by dressing up as a freaking astronaut to get her students involved. What a legend!

British Science Week is a 10 day long celebration of technology, engineering, maths and of course science. Over 5,000 events engage more than 1.6 million participants, with activities taking place across the UK.

This year BSW is running from 11th - 20th March. There are loads of ways to get involved with events and activities across the country. To see whats happening in your area visit:

Here's Miss Morton in action:

Miss Morton.jpg

Do you know a teacher as cool as Miss Morton? If so let us know.

We're secretly holding out hope that she'll be dressing up as a dragon slayer for St Georges day next month… or a dragon.

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