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The Original Toilet Mug
The Original Toilet Mug

The Original Toilet Mug

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Coffee is a wonderful gift to mankind, isn't it? But whether you prefer a light or bold roast, a South American or a Sumatran, a flavoured variety or a classic java, all that coffee ends up in one place--down the toilet!

Product Features

If you're looking for a unique funny joke mug that will enhance the experience of sending coffee into your body, urine luck! The Original Toilet Mug is the perfect bit of toilet humour to bring the unexpected to your cup of joe.

  • Fun novelty mug for anyone who chats sh*t
  • Hilarious joke mug to start your day

You ever have one of those days at the office where you just want everyone to keep their distance? Of course you have! Maybe you have a tight deadline approaching and just can't afford the distraction. Perhaps you're simply sick of hearing about what so and so's bratty kid did the night before or don't want to hear about how much so and so can't stand working in your office. Whatever your reason for wishing you could be invisible on Monday morning, we have the perfect funny joke mug to make your wish come true. Just fill up The Original Toilet Mug with some coffee, and you can be sure that those who are faint of heart will steer clear of you!

The Original Toilet Mug is a very literal bit of toilet humour that is sure to amuse and offend everyone at the office! The disgusting novelty gift is designed to recreate all of the details of the familiar white porcelain throne that resides in the bathroom. The bowl of the mug has a pedestal at the bottom to look like a toilet bowl, and a black rim enhances the effect even more. The finger grip handle is positioned beneath a replica of a toilet tank, which is even painted with a silver accent to look like the lever. When you fill up the funny joke mug, it will look like--well, use your imagination. It can also make a funny planter or desk decoration for any cubicle or office.

Big enough to hold 12 ounces of coffee, The Original Toilet Mug is a great gag gift for anyone. Pick one up as a colleague gift for that person around the office that is always talking shit. Buy one as a disgusting novelty gift for that teenager who appreciates some good old gross toilet humour. Order one for Dad or your favourite recent college grad. If they drink coffee or tea, they can use this hilarious mug. Just be sure to tell the recipient of your gift to hand wash the mug, so that it doesn't end up down the toilet when it gets broken in the dishwasher.

Treat someone to the ultimate royal flush of a gag gift! Purchase The Original Toilet Mug to get this comical gift shipped to you. The mug comes in a fashionable gift box that puts the perfect finishing touch on the design.

The Original Toilet Mug Features:

  • Holds up to 12-ounces of your favourite drink
  • Hand painted

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