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Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener

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Why are Facebook lovers so obsessed with status updates and photo uploads? Easy! They're in it for the Likes. Imagine how excited your favourite Facebook addict would be if they could get that same thumbs up recognition in life.

Product Features

  • With the Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener, that special someone will get the kudos that they crave each time they open a beer or soda!
  • This novelty bottle opener is the ultimate gift for social networking fans
  • Sure to keep you permanently on any Facebook lover's FRIENDS list.

Did you ever notice that people LIKE a lot of silly things on Facebook? A picture of a cat just sitting there like cats do can earn 100 likes. A picture of a baby holding a spoon? Guaranteed to get at least a couple dozen. From pictures of breakfast to quotes that are completely cheesy, Facebook LIKES get dished out for all sorts of unworthy things.

What doesn't get that much-deserved LIKE thumb up recognition is one of the most important things in life--opening a beer! Anytime someone is willing to crack open a bottle of ale and share it with a friend, they should get a LIKE, shouldn't they? After all, a cat, a baby with a spoon and a sappy quote won't help you get tipsy! That's why it's important that you recognise great achievements in beer opening with the help of the Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener!

The Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener is a party gift that will have people laughing at every get-together. Shaped like the thumbs up sign from the famous social media site, the novelty bottle opener is sure to earn LIKES aplenty from Facebook lovers who also love beer. This gift for social networking fans is sure to be appreciated for any occasion, and the unique bottle openers make great inexpensive stocking fillers during the holiday season.

While the Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener is certainly funny, it's also incredibly functional. The strong metal mechanism inside of the thumb can grip hold of those awkward, sharp caps with ease and then lift them off with just a flick of the wrist. The novelty bottle opener is sized to open all standard glass bottles, and it's ultra compact, so it can fit into the pockets of Facebook fans that want to bring their party gift with them on the go.

As a fun finishing touch, the Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener is finished with a magnet on the back. This means the novelty bottle opener can be kept right on the front or side of the refrigerator within easy reach whenever a beer is retrieved. In its special place of honour on the appliance, it's sure to attract comments, compliments and LIKES aplenty! This bottle opener is the sort of gift that will quickly become a viral sensation. Don't be surprised if you see photos of it on your Facebook page; whoever you give it to will want to brag about it!

Thumbs Up LIKE Bottle Opener Features:
  • Pocket Sized
  • Magnet on the back
  • Perfect gift for social networking lovers

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