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When Simon Cowell Thinks You Can Be Replaced

Poor Olly...We love you mate but sometimes Live TV can have it's moments...

On tonights X Factor UK our new young presenting duo made a bit of a cock-up.

After a questionably fixed judge round-off, the deciding vote between who went home (between contestants Monica Michael and Anton Stephans) came to a tie and the decision went back to the public vote via deadlock.

The young heart-throb Olly Murs instantly turned to contestant Monica and stated:

"So just to clarify I did say we'd go to deadlock but unfortunately Monica you are going home, So Anton..."

Luckily, co-presenter Caroline Flack chimed in at this moment with a quick:

"No Olly she's not, no"

The show then went on to reveal the person going home via a dramatic golden envelope reveal, the loser? Surprise surprise, it's Monica Michael!

Did Olly just confirm an X factor conspiracy theory that the judges votes are fixed? Or did the poor lad just 'misjudge' the situation?

Either way our good friend Dermot must be rolling his beautiful eyes...

In case you missed it:

Demot's Reaction:


We still love you though Olly!

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