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Why Guys Hate Shopping With Their Girlfriends

That big wedding is coming up and you need a dress! Or maybe your summer holiday is fast approaching so you're ready to try on some new bathing suits. Perhaps you got a new job or maybe you're looking for a pair of cute shoes to add to your collection. Whatever your reason for going shopping is, you can bet on one thing, ladies--your boyfriend doesn't want to go with you.

There, we said it. Now, don't take offence. It's not that he doesn't love you! He does, honestly! He just hates shopping with you. And he'd hate shopping with any other woman even more! Each gent has his own specific pet peeves about shopping with their ladies, but here are a few of the most common reasons men simply hate going shopping with their partners:

1. We Are In Mortal Danger.

guys hate shopping 1.png

If you want to terrify a man in 10 seconds, just look at him and say "Does this make me look fat?" Instantly, he will switch into fight or flight mode. The warning sirens will sound. Any bit of hesitation can be like pushing the button on a nuclear detonator, but an answer too hastily given could be taken as idle flattery and end up exploding the bomb anyway. It's bad enough for boyfriends when they're asked that question before leaving the house on a date. But during a shopping trip? The deadly question could be popped multiple times, leaving men dancing through proverbial mine fields in every store.

2. We Have to Hold Your Bags.

guys hate shopping 2.png

We don't mind helping you carry things. In fact, it makes us feel big and strong when you ask us. But we would really rather carry heavy things for large stumps or metal chains of some kind. Arms full of pink bags and your flowered handbag are not really what we have in mind. It's not so bad when you're right beside us, but when you go into the dressing room or wander off to look at something, we look like fools standing there laden down with all those girly packages.

3. We Feel Awkward When You Go to Try Things On.

guys hate shopping 3.png

The worst part of the shopping trip is when you disappear behind that little curtain in the dressing room and leave us on the other side. Usually, there's one chair and someone's bratty kid is already sitting in it. That means we have to stand with all of your packages, but then the women look at us as if we're perverts trying to have a peek under the stalls. Then, we try to walk through the aisles and act casual, but looking at the women's clothing carrying all of those feminine bags only raises more questions about us.

So if you want to get your boyfriend something romantic for Valentine's Day or an anniversary, here's a great idea--get him a card and inside write "This card entitles you to 6 months without having to go shopping with me! PROMISE!" You'll be declared the best girlfriend ever, guaranteed!

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