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Why You Should Never Holiday With The In-Laws

Why you should never holiday with the in-laws 1.png

It's time to start planning your holiday. To help ensure that your trip is a smashing success, we've put together this list of helpful tips for planning:

1. Plan to leave your in-laws at home. DO NOT take them on holiday.

This concludes our helpful list of holiday planning tips. That single piece of advice is really all that you need to follow if you want to ensure that the trip doesn't wind up being a disaster.

Oh sure, on the surface, the idea of holidaying with the in-laws may seem great. You'll have someone along to help look after the kids. Maybe you'll finally have a chance to bond and get to know them better. Your spouse will have a chance to spend time with family. You can share the cost of a holiday rental, meals and activities...and so on.


Having your in-laws on holiday with you is the absolute worst mistake you could make. Remember that time you went to the shore and forgot to put on sunscreen, ending up lobster red for a week and then peeling for a month after? Well, a holiday with your in-laws will quickly have you yearning for the pleasant feeling of sun poisoning.

If you still require convincing, here are some specific reasons why you need to leave the in-laws at home:

1. There will be complaining. 

Oh yes, there will be. Your mother-in-law can't go and get the post without complaining about the neighbours' lawn being too long, the hinge on the letterbox being too rusty or the envelopes being too crispy. Do you really think she'll manage a trip by plane, train or automobile; days in a hotel and a bevy of restaurant meals without making a peep?

Why you should never holiday with the in laws 2.png

2. Your father-in-law is going to tell you stories.

Lots of them. Many times. You will have to pretend you are interested. Every. Single. Time.

Why you should never holiday with the in laws 3.png

3. Bikini In-Laws!

There is a high risk you might see your new Mummy in a bikini or Daddy in-law in a skimpy Speedo. EWWW. Sorry to make you picture that. Truly. But it's for your own good! We will now briefly pause to let you wash that image out of your mind…

Why you should never holiday with the in laws 4.png

Welcome back! Moving right along...

4. Your spouse will be at wit's end.

One of the most appealing things about marrying you was the thought of never having to live with those two people again! Now, you suddenly think it's a good idea to be in close proximity with them for days at a time.

Why you should never holiday with the in laws 5.png

5. The Sex

Someone is going to get caught at least 50% naked and snogging. If you're lucky, it will be you and your spouse. If you're not....enough said.

Why you should never holiday with the in laws 6.png

We hope that by now you're reconsidering this whole taking the in-laws on holiday with you idea. If you're not, then it's clear there is no hope for you. You are doomed to a rubbish holiday that will haunt you for the rest of your life. But...bon voyage, anyway! Better you than us.

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